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Newton's Story

An apple, something we know in our everyday lives. We grow it, harvest it, we eat it – year in, year out. That is what an apple is all about - nothing more, nothing less.

Simple – it’s the same in business. We go along with what we know and believe to be tried and true.

That is until something happens!

A man watches an apple fall from a tree, and suddenly all is changed.

An idea is born - An idea that made everything he knew as a truth questionable.

This man’s observation of a simple natural action presented him and his world an opportunity to change all that had been thought truth.

In fact, once he observed that apple fall and understood what it had given to him, he knew the old ways had to change.

Should you observe an apple fall in your business; will you be ready to observe it, to pick it up and to benefit from all that it presents to you?

Let’s gather a bushel of apples together and see what the bushel can tell us collectively.

Practical Project Management for Agile Nonprofits
Practical Project Management for Agile Nonprofits cover

Non-profits are businesses with strong volunteer and board components, in which it is often more difficult to achieve results than in a for-profit business. Applied Agility believes in using the proven techniques of traditional project management, tailored with the streamlined sensibility of the agile management movement, to help non-profits optimize scarce resources, improve volunteer performance and retention as well as eliminate the chaos and improve the results of fund raising and other critical projects.

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