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Practical Project Management for Agile Nonprofits
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Non-profits are businesses with strong volunteer and board components, in which it is often more difficult to achieve results than in a for-profit business. Applied Agility believes in using the proven techniques of traditional project management, tailored with the streamlined sensibility of the agile management movement, to help non-profits optimize scarce resources, improve volunteer performance and retention as well as eliminate the chaos and improve the results of fund raising and other critical projects.

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What is Project Management? How is it different from what I am currently doing?

A project is identified as a temporary group of activities required to achieve a unique goal - be it planning a party or conducting an annual inventory audit. When you think about the types of activities in which you engage, you will realize many fall into that definition. Special events, marketing campaigns, store openings, appeals, fund-raising drives all meet the requirements to be considered projects. These activities typically require focused management of timelines and budgets, in order to ensure success. It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to provide that level of attention, applying unique skills and tools to the job.

Why should I make this investment at this time?

In these days of economic uncertainty, we live in a world of decreasing available financial support. Non-profit organizations and small businesses are challenged daily to be efficient and effective with the resources they have. Hence, these organizations find themselves needing to balance increased demand and decreased resources, in an ever increasingly fast-paced world. Industry studies indicate overhead costs in these organizations typically range between 10% and 30% of the available funding. Wouldn't it be marvelous if some of those dollars could be applied instead to activities supporting your organization's primary missions or growth?

Will I really see a benefit?

Research conducted by the Project Management Institute and the Center for Business Practices, in addition to others, has shown that organizations that invest in adopting formal project management practices realized a 20% increase in productivity, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction - leading to an increase in overall performance. A performance measurement set of metrics and a means of measuring will be identified in collaboration with you, as part of our engagement, so that you can indeed know benefits are being realized.

How will this impact my staff and volunteers?

Applied Agility was developed to assist your organization apply new skills and tools - in a practical and agile approach that does not unnecessarily increase overhead, and supports the elimination of costly and timely oversights and mistakes. We will work with you at the beginning of the engagement to lay out an engagement schedule that is respectful of the important work your staff and volunteers are already performing.

Why you?

Project management has been recognized by high performing organizations as a unique profession, with its own body of knowledge, tools and standards. Just as you would look to a specialist to assist you manage a campaign or establish your accounting system, you should look to a specialist to assist you achieve your goals and realize benefits by completing projects with agility and minimal risk through the smart application of the disciplines of the project management profession. Applied Agility is globally recognized as a leader in the profession. They have assisted numerous organizations in improving their project and overall performance, through coaching and mentoring executives, staff and volunteers as they learn to apply newly acquired skills. They can assist you.

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