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An Introduction to Project Management -
A Useful Tool for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations are challenged daily to be efficient and effective with the monies provided to them by their donors. Industry studies indicate overhead costs in non-profit organizations typically range between 10% and 20% of the organizations available funding. While below that seen in typical for-profit businesses, wouldn't it be marvelous if some of those dollars could be applied instead to programs supporting the non-profit's mission?

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Planning & Management

Applied Agility's experienced project managers possess the knowledge and skills to lead or support your critical projects. With experience in non-profits and volunteer projects, as well as information technology and other business-related projects, we are prepared to ensure your project's success.

A project is often identified as a temporary group of activities required to achieve a unique goal - be it planning a special event or conducting an annual inventory audit - activities that might be exceptions to your normal operations. Or, maybe they are not. Maybe they are part of your normal operations, but they consume far more resources than the results merit.

By adapting the processes associated with traditional project management to today's more agile environments and using a variety of techniques and tools, our experts will work with your staff to oversee the timely and effective achievement of your project objectives. Assisting your staff to better plan and manage the projects or managing it ourselves.

Planning and Management Process

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