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Your ability to provide our committee with a structured approach to the planning involved with the execution of the Concord Relay for Life 2010 was invaluable to us. Your approach to decomposing the project enabled our volunteers to be more efficient and remain focused on critical near-term activities. The experience and skills we acquired have established a framework which the committee can re-use year after year."

Bethany V. Sullivan
American Cancer Society, New England Division

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Project Team Mentoring

Occasionally individuals require additional general support and guidance in the practice of newly acquired project management skills. Applied Agility's experienced consultants can work with you and your staff to reinforce your understanding and practice of new project management skills. Through the use of examples and hands-on practice, we enable you and your staff to develop the desired level of competency in project management.

A mentor is someone who has been there before, who has experienced what you or your staff are experiencing. The relationship between a mentor and the protégé is one of mutual trust and confidence, trust in the mentor, confidence in the ability of the protégé to perform. Mentoring is typically conducted over an extended period of time, enabling the mentor and protégé to work together as the protégé develops in his new role.

A project management mentor, typically a PMP® with at least fifteen years experience, provides guidance to project managers and project team members during their project's lifecycle. This guidance can be based on the application of new skills, advice on best practices for a given process, or assistance in working through a project issue. The mentor might also assist project sponsors understand their responsibilities as they practice new approaches to governance and oversight.

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