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Sometimes, despite the best efforts of the project team or its manager, a project goes awry. This was the case with an insurance company project; the project was over-budget and behind schedule. Our principal was brought in to conduct an analysis of the project, to determine if it was salvageable and what it would take to complete. The analysis revealed that with some training regarding working in a project-based environment, some change control discipline and improved communications, the project could indeed succeed. Working with the resources assigned to the project and their managers, she established a new project oversight approach, including a mentoring program for the project manager, and successfully turned the project around. Our principal was then asked to assist in the development of a standardized approach to project management that would be applied to all future projects within that company.

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Troubled Project Recovery

Sometimes projects get into trouble, despite the best efforts of the project team or its manager. Applied Agility can assist you understand where the project went awry, help the project team develop an approach to recover and to get back on track, and then provide assistance to ensure the recovery lasts.

We begin by understanding the current state of the project and, if it is recoverable, we start addressing those issues that require immediate remediation. We then put the tools and practices in place that are needed to ensure the re-established project stays on track. But, we don't stop there. We stay engaged with your project team, to provide any needed coaching and mentoring. We continue to work one-on-one with your project manager and project sponsor, assisting them manage the project.

Unfortunately, not all troubled projects are recoverable. Should we determine the current project should be cancelled, we will work with your project team to close down the project in an orderly manner, so that valuable experiences and associated files are retained. We conduct an in-depth lessons learned review with the team, publishing results and recommended actions to prevent recurrence of the failures in the future. We also ensure those project elements that might be usable in a future project, including files such as meeting minutes, budget reports, as well as project products, are archived in a retrievable location.

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